MS1000 Tactical Grade MEMS Accelerometer

Designed to address advanced inertial applications up to tactical grade, the MS1000 implements innovative microelectromechanical design and electronics which unleash unbeatable performance with regard to long term bias and scale factor repeatability, in-run bias stability, and vibration rectification error (VRE) in a dynamic range from ±2g to ±100g. Thanks to this new accelerometer, MEMS technology is now able to address new applications, which have never been served before via this technology.

Each sensor embeds a one-axis capacitive bulk MEMS die and integrated circuit with signal conditionning and differential analog +/- 2.7V output, Built-in-Self Test and temperature sensor for compensation. With the same small form factor LCC20 hermetically sealed package, the MS1000 has the similar size to the MS9000

Featured Applications (non-exhaustive)

  • Long Term Bias Repeatability : 1.2 mg (+/- 10 g, typ.)
  • In-run bias stability (Allan Variance @ 10 s): 15 μg
  • Noise in band: 34 μg√Hz (+/- 10 g, typ.)
  • Non Linearity (IEEE Norm, % of full scale) : 0.3 %